Chad 2010-08-11

The debug version of Flash Player includes these features:
        1. Integration with fdb, the command-line debugger that’s included with the Flex SDK
        2. Capability to process and report logging messages issued with the trace() function
        3. Integration with Flash Builder debugging tools such as breakpoints
        4. Other debugging tools

Flash Player can be installed on a user’s computer system in a variety of ways:
        1. As an integrated Web browser plug-in
        2. As a stand-alone application
        3. As part of Adobe AIR

Regardless of how you install Flash Player, users who install Flash Player must have administrative access to their computer. On Microsoft Windows, this means that you must be logged in as an administrator. On Mac OS X, you must have an administrator password available during the installation.

Remove old versions
Before installing Flash Player, make sure any existing installations have been removed.

On Windows XP, use the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs feature.

On Mac OS X, use the uninstaller application that’s available for download from this Web page:

1. Installation with Flash Builder
When you install Flash Builder 4, the debug version of Flash Player is installed automatically.

2. Using Flash Builder installation files
If you need to reinstall the debug version of the Flash Player, you should use the version that’s included with Flash Builder or the Flex SDK. If you’ve installed Flash Builder, you can find the installation files in a subfolder within the Flash Builder installation folder. On Windows, the default folder is named:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Builder 4\Player\Win

This folder has three files:
       l Install Flash Player 10 Plugin.exe. The plug-in version for Firefox, Safari, and other    browsers.
       l Install Flash Player 10ActiveX.exe. The ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.
       l FlashPlayer.exe. The stand-alone player (does not require installation — just run it!).

3. Installing Flash Player from the Web
Production version:

Debug version:

Verification after installation
To ensure that you’re running the Flash Debug Player, navigate to this Web page in any browser that you think has the Flash Player installed:


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