Chad 2007-10-28

Presented by Fuji TV station in 1996, "Long Vacation" is one of the classic Japanese dramas, and is my most favourite one.

It's about a love story between a young pianist (Kimura Takuya) and a 31 years old model (Yamaguchi Chiko), who was 7 years older than the former. Besides the story and actors and acrtresses, the music including the theme - "La La La Love Song" and episodes - "Close to You", "What will I do", etc. are also perfect.

When I was in senior middle school, I used to chase these dramas, after all, I was still a teenager at that time. Unlike those of comedes' and soap operas', themes of classic dramas are always about love. What is love then? You will find out if you are moved to cry by whatching them. But for those who are immune to things concerned about emotion, I don't think it's a good idea to waste their time on these dramas though, haha~